PetEssence Basic Line

The Basic Line is inspired by names that represent the relationship between humans and pets. It is consisted by four kits of shampoos, conditioners and perfumes of the same essence, plus four different perfumes to be used with any other PetEssence® products.

With a balanced pH, dermatologically and ophthalmologic tested, shampoos are ideal for frequent use. Clean and remove impurities without harming the animal’s coat. The Conditioners provide softness and help to ease brushing, leaving the coat of dogs and cats with a renewed shine.

The combined use of shampoo, conditioner and perfume keeps pets smelling great for a much longer time period.


In addition to the basic line perfumes, we provide four more amazing and delicate essences.

Fun Line

Perfumes with fun names, inspired by what dogs like to do the most! Made with special fragrances
and chosen by popular vote.

Specific Care Line

Shampoos which attend the different needs of coats and color types. All products can be used with any PetEssence perfume due to its mild fragrance.

Hygiene Line

The Hygiene Line brings products that help to keep dogs and cats clean and healthy, providing a better coexistence between humans and their pets.


The PetEssence Cats Line was conceived to attend the peculiarities of our beloved kittens. Its products were especially developed not to irritate the sensitive sense of smell of the feline. A special sponge comes with the perfume for an application without stress and, at the same time, provides an act of affection between humans and its pets.

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